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The Leopard's Tale

The Leopard's TaleThe leopard was always the animal Jonathan Scott wanted to see. For him, this camouflaged hunter of th edark embodied Africa's romance. And so he devoted himself to following a young female and her two cubs at Fig Tree Ridge in the Masai Mara, observing the trials and tribulations of the wild leopards more closely than anyone hand before.

This is the story of Chui's struggles to find food for Light and Dark, to protect them from lions and hyenas, and to guide them on their first steps towards independence. It's the story too of the cats that appeared after Chui was gone, including Half-Tail, the remarkable star of Big Cat Diary.

With stunning photos by Jonathan's wife Angela Scott, The Leopard's Tale is a unique and moving portrait of Africa, and the most intimate record ever written about the secretive lives of leopards.

UK Publisher: Bradt (Trade Paperback: July 2013)


"This is one of the greatest natural history books ever published."
Mark Carwadine

"Jonathan and Angie Scott prove their extraordinary mettle here with an astonishing and tender tale."
Chris Packham


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