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A Brief Life of The Queen

Robert Lacey The Queen

A Brief Life of The Queen is a succinct, personal and beautifully illustrated biography of Elizabeth II, who has managed to remain an enigma, despite being the most recognised woman in the world.

For more than thirty years Robert Lacey has been gathering material from the members of the Queen's inner circle - her friends, relatives, private secretaries and prime ministers - and the results are distilled in this elegant hardback which marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Tracing her life through its major stages, and uncovering her greatest personal loves and trials, A Brief Life of The Queen offers the freshness of the first-hand insights and compelling storytelling for which Robert Lacey's best-selling
                                                      biographies are renowned.




‘Impressionistic, brisk and irreverent, it is by some way the most readable of the jubilee offerings. Lacey is affectionate towards the Queen, but ribald in his account of her children’s foibles (we hear how the young Prince of Wales would instruct his one-night stands: “Call me Arthur”). Lacey’s success lies in his suggestiveness. Distance is one of the Queen’s defining characteristics, and Lacey does not venture too close (it can be no accident that the most satisfying depictions of Elizabeth II in recent times, in Bennett’s novella, and the film The Queen – also from 2006 – have kept a fictional bubble around her). Through well-chosen quotations, Lacey offers a sense of the Queen’s spirit, but does not make a window of her soul.’ The Times Literary Supplement  


Praise for Robert Lacey

'Robert Lacey makes you feel like you're right there, in the palace, in the castle.' Vanity Fair

'Incredibly readable...captures her qualities of fun, kindness and true grit' Jilly Cooper

‘Robert Lacey is the king of royal biographers’ Kitty Kelly



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