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Matt O'Connor

Matt O'Connor The IcecreamistsFounder of the cutting-edge rock and roll brand The Icecreamists, O'Connor is a true pioneer of uncensored, opinionated brands that push boundaries.  His résumé is as bold as his ice cream flavours and over the last 20 years includes work as a big brand communicator and creative director on some of the world’s leading brands, cocktail supremo, designer, film, theatrical and political projects, books and music. There’s also the small matter of him being the founding father and frontman of the most contentious and high-profile pressure group of modern times, Fathers4Justice.  The story of Matt's unique journey is an inspiring insight to the commercial and political power of creative innovation. 



“What a night, we are over the embody innovation, collaboration and enterprise. The story of your journey was truly enlightening.”
Clare Griffiths, Business Development Manager, Beepurple, The Univeristy of Brighton’s
Entrepreneurship Network

“You rocked.”
Deana Ward, Profitnet, The University of Brighton

“He came, he swore, he conquered.”
Steve Bustin, Master of Ceremonies, Vada Media


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The Icecreamists; The Luxury Channel, 19.10.2009



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