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 The Icecreamists - The Book

Described by Selfridges as ‘More Sid & Nancy than Ben & Jerry’, The Icecreamists have enjoyed a meteoric rise cold-fused with controversy. These attention-seeking provocateurs have reinvented ice cream as ‘vice cream’, a pop culture medium laced with incendiary flavours. Their creations consistently whip up public outrage, from the ice cream the Sex Pistols tried to ban (The Sex Bomb made with sub-zero Stimulants and Absinthe), to the world’s first breast milk ice cream (Baby GooGoo, which incurred the storm in a D-cup wrah of pop-megastar Lady Gaga).

Yet beneath the hype is a narrative that stretches from the decaying Kentish seaside towns of Margate and Broadstairs to New York and the Italian Riviera. Underpinned by a heart-felt, obsessive love of traditional Italian gelato, The Icecreamists have twisted and subverted Italian traditions with cocktail culture, a shock and roll ‘lick or let die’ ethos, to create some of the most decadent and pioneering ice creams on mother earth.

In their forthcoming book, The Icecreamists reveal the craft behind the headlines. Lick your addiction to the fabulous and the frozen in the comfort of your kitchen, with melt-in-your-mouth boutique ice creams, vice creams and other guilty pleasures. Closely guarded recipes are revealed here for the first time in simple, easily lickable recipe formats that will enable you to recreate the authentic Icecreamists experience at home as conservatively, or as outrageously as you desire. God save the cream!

Octopus Publishing; 2012  



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The Icecreamists The Book