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 The Icecreamists

The Icecreamists - Matt O'Connor
Founded by ice cream aficionado, marketing guru and Fathers4Justice campaigner Matt O’Connor, The Icecreamists aim do for frozen desserts what the Sex Pistols did for music; “agents of Cool”, they are “liberating the world one lick at a time” from their flagship parlour in Covent Garden’s South Piazza. Meanwhile, the sheer quality of their ice creams has attracted no less attention than their anarchic brand.


“This is THE place for brilliant ice creams.”
Time Out Magazine

“Kings of Ice Cream, Masters of Controversy”.
Evening Standard Magazine

“Get a babysitter, The Icecreamists are back”.
Tea Time in Wonderland

“The Ice Cream the Sex Pistols tried to ban.”
BBC Radio 1

“We want one!”
Perez Hilton

“More Sid & Nancy than Ben & Jerry.”

“Ditch the Ben & Jerry’s.”
Marie Claire

“Ice Cream that’s set to sizzle.”

“Ice Cream like it’s never been done before.”
The Luxury Channel

The Daily Telegraph

“It tastes fantastic – breast is best!”
The Evening Standard, referring to The Icecreamists’ infamous ‘Baby Googoo’ (breast milk) ice creams



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