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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Robert Lacey - Royal: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
In 1977, Robert Lacey’s bestselling Majesty was the first serious biography of Elizabeth II, defining the affection for the Queen that underlay the popular success of the silver Jubilee. Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of her accession, Royal brings her remarkable story up to date.

This is the biography of someone who is both a human being and an institution: one of the very first gestures Elizabeth was taught as a baby was how to wave to the crowds. Royal provides a fresh portrait of her relationship with Prince Philip, and its effect on their children; it describes how the Queen has worked to live up to and maintain her strongly held beliefs; and it explains how and why the monarchy continues to enjoy such enduring support.

UK Publisher: Little, Brown 2001
US Publisher: Simon & Schuster 2002 (published as Monarch: The Life And Reign of Elizabeth II)



‘Lacey has arranged his material beautifully; not one of these 400 pages is tiresome or dull’
Evening Standard

‘Lacey has an eye for the telling image … smart, thorough and well crafted, it is absolutely of its time’

‘Royal has bestseller written all over it’

'In Monarch, Robert Lacey makes you feel like you’re right there – in the palace, in the castle … I was absolutely riveted.'
Dominick Dunne

'An exemplary book.'
Martin Amis, The New Yorker

'Robert Lacey [is] peerless … because he better than anyone sees the modern English monarchy for what it is.'

'A definitive study.'
Houston Chronicle

'A mature and thoughtful discussion of the public’s evolving relationship with the British royal family.'
Library Journal

'An absorbing page-turner that approaches the royals, and their legendary scandals, with dignity and élan, illuminating Elizabeth II’s reign in ways that even non-Royal watchers can appreciate.'
The Record (Bergen Country, N.J.)

'Lacey’s portrait is sympathetic … he also offers an incisive analysis …setting this apart form and far above the average by-the-numbers royal bio.'
Publishers Weekly (starred review)


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