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The Year 1000
What Life Was Like
At The Turn Of The First Millennium

Robert Lacey - Year 1000: First MilenniumEver wondered what life was like at the turn of the first millennium? How did monks communicate if they were not allowed to speak? What punishments could the law impose without stone and iron prisons in which to lock up offenders? Why was July called 'the hungry month'? Why did they grind pigeons' eggs in mortar? The Year 1000 answers these questions and reveals many more secrets such as the recipe for a medieval form of Viagra and an hallucinogenic treat called 'crazy bread'.

A vivid and surprising portrait of life in England a thousand years ago, The Year 1000 brings this distant world closer than ever before. Robert Lacey teams up with Danny Danziger on this informative Number 1 bestseller that inspired the BBC radio series.

UK Publisher: Little, Brown, 1999
US Publisher: Little Brown Inc, 1999
(Co-written with Danny Danziger) 



Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller.

‘As stylish a popular social history as one could find’
The Times

‘Thoroughly enjoyable … a superb insight into life as it was lived a thousand years ago’

‘A series of deftly turned vignettes of what it was like to live in England at the turn of the last millennium … a quirky and engaging book’.
Sunday Telegraph

‘A beautiful window on past history. My book of the year’
Simon Jenkins



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