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Robert Lacey - PrincessPrincess is the story of the girl who sprang from obscurity to become the most talked-about and the most photographed woman in the world. This first ever biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, is a unique insight into the style and character of its royal subject. Published in the year of the late Princess of Wales' twenty-first birthday, Princess is a sumptuous and elegant celebration, capturing all the freshness, spontaneity and charm of the young woman who was destined to be Queen of England - but whose life turned out very differently.

For this book, Robert Lacey teamed up with Michael Rand, the award-winning art director of The Sunday Times Magazine. The result is a full-colour portfolio of pictures by some of the world's greatest photographers, tracing the life of the Princess from her childhood to her shimmering appearance at the State Opening of Parliament.

Hutchinson 1982 
(Art Director: Michael Rand)



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