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By Jonathan and Angela Scott together:

2004-11 HarperCollins Educational Series: Collins Big Cat children’s series (8 titles): Big Cat Babies; Antarctica: Land of the Penguins; Africa’s Big Three: Elephant, Hippo and Rhino; Kings of the Wild: Brown Bears; Masai: Tribe of Warriors; Giant Reptiles: Crocodiles and Monitor Lizards; On Safari: How Jonathan and Angie live and work in the bush; A Day in India.

2009 Stars of Big Cat Diary (Evans Mitchell Books)

2007 Antarctica: Exploring a Fragile Eden (HarperCollins)

2004 Big Cat Diary:Cheetah (HarperCollins)

2003 Big Cat Diary:Leopard (HarperCollins)

2002 Big Cat Diary:Lion (HarperCollins)

2000 Mara-Serengeti: A Photographer's Paradise (Fountain Press)

1997 Jonathan Scott's Safari Guide to East African Animals (Kensta)

1997 Jonathan Scott's Safari Guide to East African Birds (Kensta)


By Jonathan Scott:

1996 Dawn to Dusk (BBC Books and Kyle Cathie)

1996 The Big Cat Diary Co-authored with Brian Jackman (BBC Books)

1992 Kingdom of Lions (Kyle Cathie)

1991 Painted Wolves: Wild Dogs of The Serengeti-Mara (Hamish Hamilton)

1991 The Leopard Family Book (Picture Book Studio)

1988 The Great Migration (Elm Tree Books)

1985 Know Kenya's Animals (Kensta)

1985 The Leopard's Tale (Elm Tree Books)

1982 The Marsh Lions Co-authored with Brian Jackman (Elm Tree Books)

1981 A Souvenir Guide to African Birds (Kensta)

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