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Collins 'Big Cat' Educational Series


Big Cat Babies – A beautiful and informative book all about Africa’s big cats and their babies. The stunning photographs show baby lions, leopards and cheetahs in their natural habitat, giving lots of discussion points.

Jonathan Scott - Big Cat Babies

Africa's Big Three - Another captivating title written and photographed by BBC Big Cat Diaries presenters, Jonathan and Angela Scott; authors of the Collins Big Cat titles Antartica: Land of the Penguins and Big Cat Babies. This time they look at the lives of Africa's three biggest land animals – the elephant, the rhino and the hippo.

Jonathan Scott - Africa's Big Three

Antactica: Land Of The Penguins - The survival of the white continent’s most famous inhabitants is the subject of this beautiful book. The beauty of Antarctic and the enchanting secrets of its penguin population is brought to life with a delightful series of photographs by the Big Cat Diaries team of Jonathan and Angela Scott.

Living Dinosaurs - Ever wondered why the dinosaurs didn’t survive? In this fascinating non-chronological report the success story of crocodiles and lizards (focusing on monitor lizards), and some of the reasons why they have survived since the time of the dinosaurs is explored.

Jonathan Scott - Living Dinosaurs

Kings of the Wild - This report with its dramatic photography helps us understand what brown bears look like and the savage, unspoilt, grandeur of their habitat. It persuades us that these animals are to be respected and saved from encroachment on their habitat.

Jonathan Scott - Kings Of The Wild

The Masai: Tribe of Warriors - The Masai have a reputation for courage, independence and a way of life that fits with the grasslands of the East African plains. Find out all about the people, their history and how they live, in this stunning non-fiction book by top BBC wildlife filmmakers and photographers Jonathan and Angela Scott.

Jonathan Scott - The Masai Tribe Of Warriors

On Safari - What's it really like to go on safari? What do you take? What will you find? Go on a journey with Jonathan and Angela Scott to the famous game parks of Kenya, and discover the excitement, the wonder and the dangers of travelling into the wild.

Jonathan Scott - On Safari

A Day In India - Find out all about living in India as we follow Gini on a day in her life in Jaipur. Who's in her family, what does she like to eat and what's her school like? This non-fiction recount, written and beautifully photographed by Jonathan and Angela Scott, answers all these questions and more, telling us all about Gini's life.


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 Jonathan Scott - Antarctica: Exploring A Fragile Eden