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Down Deep

Mike Croft - Down Deep
A gripping adventure-thriller about environmental catastrophe, in the tradition of Michael Crichton.

In the dead of night, a huge whale enigmatically strands itself on Brighton Beach. Soon whales are impeding shipping, travelling up the Thames to the heart of London, and aggressively stranding themselves in incredible numbers on crowded beaches...

Amidst public hysteria, controversial marine biologist Roddy Ormond suspects the whales are communicating a terrible warning. When he tries to investigate with journalist Kate Gunning, the clues point to a scandal involving a ruthless shipping magnate and cynical government figures. Roddy and Kate are soon in grave danger. But what is the secret they must uncover? And can the code of the whales' language be cracked? The answers are deep in the ocean, where catastrophe lies.

UK Publisher: Alma Books Ltd / Paperback May 2008
US Rights: Alma Books Ltd / JPLA
Translation Rights: JPLA
 376 pages


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