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For Good Or Evil

Clive Sinclair - For Good Or Evil
In this glittering collection of stories, Clive Sinclair illustrates the wild imaginative leaps, brilliant black humour and dazzling pyrotechnics that are the hallmarks of his extraordinary prose. From the frankly erotic ‘Tante Rouge’ to the acid wit of ‘The Incredible Case of the Stack o’ Wheats Murders’, For Good or Evil will stimulate and torment from first inventive page to last.

UK publisher: Macmillan (Picador);
Paperback 1998
288 pages


‘The stories are not only very finely poised but genuinely contemporary, stylistically serious. The result is a reconciling of several possible traditions and postures, and if you can imagine a Borgesian Joseph Heller, or a Nabokovian Isaac Bashevis Singer, you have something of his tone . . . a striking collection’
Malcolm Bradbury, Times Literary Supplement

‘These stories crackle with talent’
The Times

‘Evil, entertaining little fictions . . . Clive Sinclair is fluent, inventive, linguistically gifted’
Victoria Glendinning, Sunday Times

‘An ever-changing kaleidoscope of character and scenery and time, some bewilderingly surreal, others starkly cold . . . powerfully written, extremely clever and very unpleasant’
The Times

‘Wildly erotic and weirdly plotted, the subconscious erupting violently into everyday life . . . It is not for the squeamish of the lazy. His stories work you hard; tease and torment and shock you’
Financial Times


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