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A Soap Opera From Hell

Clive Sinclair - A Soap Opera From Hell
When I was a baby passers-by would peek into my pram with a “coochie-coo” upon their lips, which was as far as it ever got. Instead, having caught sight of my prematurely prophetic little face, they said with one voice: “Don’t look so miserable, it might never happen.”

They were wrong. It did. Between July 1993 and December 1996 Clive Sinclair lost his wife, his sister-in-law, and his father to a variety of fatal ailments. At the same time, by way of light relief, he sampled renal failure, dialysis, and a transplant. All these events – and more – are described in these essays, which are both profoundly moving and shockingly funny. In addition to recording the lives and deaths of his loved ones, Clive Sinclair looks further afield, to places that suit his melancholy phiz and his sardonic pen; to Israel and the height of the Intifada, to Serbia in the middle of its war with Croatia, to Bulgaria when Communism was breathing its last. Finally he turns the clock back, to 1975, when he and his wife were on a train from New York, hurtling westwards towards an unknown future . . .

UK publisher: Macmillan (Picador)
Paperback 1998
272 pages

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