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True Tales Of The Wild West

Clive Sinclair - True Tales Of The Wild West
Today’s Wild West is not what it was, though it wishes that it were. The old certainties are gone, leaving only questions -- but can anyone separate truth from legend, fact from fiction?

Two cousins set out to attempt just that: the one is Peppercorn, a fading photo-journalist in search of his inner cowboy; the other is Saltzman, lecturer in American Studies at the University of St Albans. On their travels they encounter many of the great heroes of the Wild West – or at least the men and women who impersonate them – as well as other larger-than-life characters such as innocent Mercy Sweetbriar, runner-up in the ‘Appearance, Personality, and Photogenics’ category of South Dakota’s Miss Rodeo contest, not-so-innocent Miami Bitch, Kevin Costner, and Bill Janklow, Governor of South Dakota, and latter-day Indian fighter.

In order to fully capture the extravagance of these people and the landscapes they inhabit, Clive Sinclair has been driven to invent a new genre. He calls it Dodgy Realism, a melange of fact, fantasy, and fiction. Call it what you will, his new book is both an erudite investigation of, and a glorious romp through, the heartland of America.

UK Publisher: Macmillan (Picador)
Hardcover 2008 
416 pages


‘The spirit of the wild west may be inauthentic, but it really exists, and it informs every page of this funny, fascinating book.’
Daily Telegraph

‘Clive Sinclair brings his readers on a whimsically entertaining ride through this sprawling heartland of the American psyche’
Irish Times

 ‘This is a brilliant idea for a book. Hugely informative about the wild west, it’s intelligent, amusing and at times moving. It is an interesting new direction for one of Britain’s best Jewish writers.’
 Jewish Chronicle

'At one point, Salzman is attacked by a feminist and is humiliated. Whereas Wyatt Earp would have put her across his knee. Then again, maybe he wouldn't. Dodgy Realism’
Sunday Tribune

‘Marvelous fun’
Sunday Tribune

`Sinclair expertly blends fantasy and fact.'
The Big Issue 

'Sinclair has a sharp eye for the beauty of the landscape' 


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