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The Philosopher Prince

Paul Waters - The Philosopher Prince
In a late-Roman world of ambitious bureaucrats and power-hungry courtiers, two young friends of the British nobility, Drusus and Marcellus, have fallen foul of the emperor's authority. Charged with treason by their nemesis, the emperor's dark and terrifying agent Paulus, they must face the might of the corrupt Roman state.

For Drusus and Marcellus their only ally is the young imperial prince, Julian. But Julian has troubles of his own: his very success has made him hated by his uncle, the emperor.

With spies and adversaries all about them, the two friends link their fates with Julian's. In a life-or-death struggle that takes them from one end of the empire to the other, they set themselves against the forces that are determined to crush them.

The Philosopher Prince is a novel of hope; a story of human values pitted against the cold and calculating machine of an all-powerful tyranny.

UK Publisher: Macmillan
Paperback original, April 2010 
US & Translation rights: JPLA 


"Paul Waters stands out as a writer of vivid, insightful novel. His characters are notable for their depth and emotional intelligence, and his prose style is glorious. His latest, The Philosopher Prince, comes close to Mary Renault in its language, depth and style."
Manda Scott in The Independent

'Paul Waters is a find. His 2009 novel, Cast Not The Day was a thought-provoking and spellbindingly atmospheric novel set in the Roman Empire. This present volume carries the story on…There are some extremely good set pieces, convincing cliff-hangers that keep us on the edge of our seats in what is essentially a novel of ideas…. wonderfully assured…one waits for the next instalment with baited breath.' Alexander Lucie-Smith, The Tablet

'A triumphant return!  Another captivating story from a novelist who has the power to make his reader think...'  Lancashire Evening Post



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