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Great Southern Land:
A New History Of Australia

Frank Welsh - Great Southern LandAustralia is a dynamic multi-cultural society, viewed by many as the world's most desirable place to live. Here Frank Welsh traces Australia's intriguing and varied history to examine how this society emerged, from its ancient Aborigine tribes and earliest British convict settlements to today's modern nation - one that retains strong links with its colonial past but is increasingly independent and diverse. While full of admiration for Australia, Welsh also exposes national myths and confronts the darker side of its history - oppression of the Aboriginal peoples and the 'White Australia' policy - and places the country in a global context, considering the changing relationship with Britain and its Asian neighbours, as well as more recent alliances with the US.

Original, provocative and entertaining, Great Southern Land provides the most comprehensive one-volume history of this endlessly fascinating nation.

UK Publisher: Penguin
Hardcover ([Penguin Press) 2004; Paperback 2005
US Publisher: Overlook Press / paperback 2008
Length: 768 pages


'A labour of love . . .Welsh's historical research and sense of detail are excellent.'
Literary Review

'Destined to be one of the great standard histories of that astonishing continent . . . powerful and profound.'
Andrew Roberts.

‘Frank Welsh has conducted considerable archival and scholarly research for the book. Despite its size, it remains fluent and accessible, written for a broad audience about Australia's past, its institutions and how it came to be judged one of the world's most successful countries.’
The Age

"A genuinely original, enlightening, witty account of a nation and its difficult, complicated, and contrary people. . . . Welsh takes us through all the important events of Australia's history with a fresh, sharp eye."
Daily Telegraph

“…lively, detailed, stimulating, serious, well-researched and well-informed. This detached but largely admiring study more than justifies its being written by a non-Australian”
Henry Reynolds

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