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Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts
23 Original Quilt Designs

Kaffe Fassett simple shapes spectacular quiltsWorld-renowned quilter Kaffe Fassett demonstrates how basic geometric forms - squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, circles and quarter circles - found in natural and manmade environments inspire his quilt designs. This is evident in the 23 magnificent, inventive quilts showcased in this book and step-by-step instructions are provided for each one.

Along the way, Fassett also offers over a hundred photos of geometric inspiration from around the world - everything from triangular watermelon slices, to rectangular sheets of corrugated metal on African scrap dwellings, to lollipop-shaped topiary trees in Japan.

In the accompanying text, Fassett reveals how he experiences the colours and basic shapes around him, how we can train our own eyes to see this rewarding source of creativity and how we can, just as he does, combine striking fabrics with simple shapes to create our own spectacular quilt designs.

First published: Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc
Hardcover March 2010
192 pages
World rights: Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc

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