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Narcomania: A Nation In Denial


Max Daly and Steve Sampson - NarcomaniaPopulist but not without gravitas, Narcomania has the appeal of books that explain the world we live in (Affluenza, Flat Earth News and Who Runs Britain), whilst also attracting those intrigued by drug-infested shadowlands (Mr Nice, Blow, Traffic).  In other words it is a non-fiction, UK-centred partner to The Wire.   

On one level NARCOMANIA will be a holistic investigation of the UK drug trade, full of intriguing insights.  On another level it will be a journey through some thought-provoking paradoxes.  For example, Britain’s drugs economy has thrived at the expense of Middle England, yet it is Middle England itself which largely fuels that same drugs economy.  Similarly, consumers of our print media implicitly endorse its professed outrage at celebrity drug abuse, yet the reality and extent of drug use amongst those consumers suggests that the media and its readers are merely colluding in ‘drugs porn’.  

In the wake of the internet boom, globalisation and a decade of decadence, Britain sits at a crossroads in the legalization-versus-intolerance debate.  While other nations have succeeded with progressive experiments, inertia and self-contradiction define British drug policy to the detriment of everyone except the criminal underworld.  Unsurprisingly, in the light of this book, our politicians are confused about what will please or displease the all-important middle class electorate.   Equally unsurprisingly, however, so much myth and confusion surrounds the subject that clarity must be brought to chaos if the wisdom of the crowd is ever to surface.... 

UK Publisher: Random House (Heinemann) 2012/2013
US & Translation rights: JPLA


"A sober, well-researched and sometimes startlingly brave look at all angles of the drug trade in the UK."
The Observer
"Brilliant expose"
3:AM Magazine

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max daly and steve sampson - Narcomania