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Our Shadowed Present:
Modernism, Postmodernism and History


jonathan clark our shadowed past
At a time of resurgent popular interest in history, Jonathan Clark's book is a landmark of defence of traditional values.

In a series of original and incisive chapters on, among other things, Anglo-American relations, the decline of the United Kingdom as an entity and the absence of English nationalism, Clark argues for an alternative to our current dedication to the present, based instead upon a clear recognition of the value of the past. Our Shadowed Present is an important and timely book in which a distinguished historian attacks - vigoriously, brilliantly and elegantly - Britain's loss of tradition.

UK Publisher:  Atlantic Books
Hardcover 2003; paperback 2004
US & Translation Rights: Atlantic Books
352 pages


'…a masterly book: persuasively argued, astutely observed, the product of one of the brightest historical minds on either side of the Atlantic. For the incisiveness of its critique... it has no rival.'
John Adamson, Sunday Telegraph

'No one thinks more deeply about history.'
Niall Ferguson, Daily Telegraph

'If you read nothing else this summer, read Our Shadowed Present: it will annoy and at times infuriate, but it will do what all good history should - it will make you think.'
John Charmley, Guardian

'Our Shadowed Present should keep any inquiring mind in the family circle silent.'
Antonia Fraser, The Times Best Books of 2003

'A wonderfully thought-provoking book, by an immensely distinguished historian.'
Michael Burleigh, Literary Review

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