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What's Wrong With Eating People?  
33 Perplexing Philosophical Puzzles

Peter Cave What's wrong with eating people
Peter Cave once again engages the reader in a romp through the best bits of philosophical thought. With the aid of tall stories, jokes, common sense and bizarre insights, Cave tackles some of life’s most important questions and introduces the puzzles that will keep you pondering throughout the night.

From encounters with bears (ethical dilemmas) to talking turkeys (the problem of induction), Cave storms through philosophy’s classic conundrums with rapier wit and wisdom. Illustrated with quirky cartoons throughout, What's Wrong With Eating People? leaves no stone unturned, covering a smorgasbord of topics including logic, ethics, art and politics.

Peter Cave is a lecturer in philosophy at The Open University and City University, London. He frequently contributes to philosophy magazines and journals, from the serious to the fun, lectures around the world, and has scripted and presented philosophy programmes for the BBC.

UK publisher: Oneworld Publications / Paperback original 2008
US & Translation rights: Oneworld Publications
253 pages


“Prepare to be amused, intrigued, delighted, and illuminated. You have been warned: this is Peter Cave, Britain's wittiest philosopher, on top form.” 
Raymond Tallis, Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester

“Cave is not just a very gifted philosopher, he's also clear, captivating and funny too.”
Stephen Law - Author of The Philosophy Gym and editor of Think

“Energetic, highly entertaining, and delightfully thought-provoking.”
A.W. Moore - Professor of philosophy, University of Oxford, and author of The Infinite

“Delightfully written and fun to read. The writing is witty and eloquent and the puzzles are explored throughout with both common sense and wisdom.”
Anthony Ellis - Professor of Philosophy in Virginia Commonwealth University

“This charmingly witty and inventive collection of philosophical puzzles is bound to spark lively debates around the dinner table.”
Rick Lewis - Editor of Philosophy Now

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