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R W Johnson

R W Johnson
R W Johnson is an Anglo-South African journalist and historian.  He is the author of many books, including the best seller How Long Will South Africa Survive? He is also the co-author of the classic, Launching Democracy: South Africa's first Open Election. 

He was educated at Natal University and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.  He was a Fellow in politics at Magdalen College, Oxford, for twenty-six years and he remains an emeritus fellow. He was formerly Director of the Helen Suzman Foundation in Johannesburg.

Johnson has established a large reputation as a writer on southern African affairs, an essayist and as an original, independent and controversial analyst.  He has been an anti-apartheid activist since his teens, and one of the few people alive who heard public speeches given by both Verwoerd and Mandela before the latter was imprisoned.  An ANC supporter, he narrowly escaped jail before arriving in England as a Rhodes Scholar.

He has also written extensively on French and British politics, including The Long March of the French Left, and he has taught at the Sorbonne.                              

He has, for many  years, written for The Times, the Sunday Times, the London Review of Books and others.  


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